Better Together: Dialogue and Conversational Skills through Shared Learning in Ramle

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  • חברה ורוח – חיים משותפים
  • English teachers from Ramle

  • 06/11/2019
  • 60
הקורס סגור להרשמה


You are invited to register to an innovative in-service course for English teachers as part of the "Shared Learning: Better Together" program in Ramle. “Better Together” is an educational approach that fosters educational partnerships between schools from various educational streams in order to improve teaching through teachers' partnerships and promote good relationships between groups in society, while preserving the different identities. The program is based on the Northern Irish model, which promotes pedagogic excellence through shared learning.


English teachers from Ramle


Shared Learning aims to increase cross-cultural tolerance :and understanding. This training course :focuses on

Practicing new pedagogies for the teaching of fluent and accurate spoken English in Ramle.

Learning and practicing pedagogical discourse (שיח פדגוגי) as means for enhancing the teaching of English.

Learning and practicing co-teaching in the Shared Learning model.

Fostering tolerance and the values of shared society in our mixed city and classes.


Getting to know each other and the Shared Learning program in Ramle.

Teaching methodologies to promote conversation, in accordance with needs arising from the group participants.

Multilingualism in Shared Learning and in the educational space.

The importance of working together across sectors and schools.

Preparing for shared lessons.

Pedagogical discourse – learning and practice.

Preparation lessons (to the shared lessons) in the home classes.

Dates and times

The course face-to-face meetings will take place from 15:00 to 18:00 in the following dates:

6.11, 27.11, 4.12, 18.12, 15.1, 29.1, 5.2, 12.2

Venue: English Center Ramle,7  Hazayit St. Ramle

Pedagogical guides

Dr. Dafna Yitzhaki (Kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv University), Dr. Tali Aderet-German (Ben Gurion University)


(Mira Munayer and Dr. Shany Payes (CET

Structure and scope of the course

The course is a 60-hour course with a score, recognized for אופק חדש ועוז לתמורה, including workshops, lectures, collaboration and planning shared lessons.

Course requirements

In order to receive advanced training, participants must take an active part in all parts of the course: face to face, asynchronous, implementation of the shared learning and execution of a summary task.