Better Together: Promoting English communication through Shared Learning in Ramle

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  • חברה ורוח – חיים משותפים
  • English teachers from Ramle

  • 14/09/2020
  • 60
הקורס סגור להרשמה


Dear English teachers,

Central Region, the English Inspectorate, the Headquarter for Civic Education and Shared Life and CET (Center for Educational Technology) are glad to invite you to register to an in-service course for English teachers as part of the "Shared Learning: Better Together" program in Ramle. “Better Together” fosters partnerships between schools from various educational streams in order to promote conversational, reading and writing skills in English, as well as 21st century skills for life in a diverse society. The program is based on the Northern Irish model, which promotes pedagogic excellence through shared learning.

During this period of hybrid learning on the backdrop of the Covid 19 spread, Shared Learning is also an opportunity to practice digital and dialogue skills, as well as teaching and learning through techno-pedagogical means.


English teachers from Ramle


Shared Learning aims to nurture conversation, reading and writing skills to promote communication in daily contexts, in line with the new English teaching curriculum, through shared lessons of schools from different educational sectors.

This training course's goals include:

Learning and practicing hybrid models of teaching (online synchronic and a-synchronic lesson as well as face to face lessons if conditions allow).

Co-planning and implementation of shared lessons based on specifically-developed lesson plans and their adaptation to the settings and requirements of each pair of schools.

Fostering tolerance and the values of shared society in our mixed city and classes.

Nurturing our – community of practice as a forum of learning and consultation.


Co-planning of shared lessons based on lesson plans developed specifically for this course, in line with the new English curriculum.

Preparation lessons (to the shared lessons) in the home classes.

Co-teaching and reflection.

Promotion of conversational, reading and writing skills in daily contexts through shared lessons.

Dates and times

Course dates will be published soon. For further details, please contact Dr Shany Payes

Additionally, the course includes 20 hours covering the implementation of the shared lessons with a brief monthly reflection task in the course's online (moodle) platform.

*These dates + the online (moodle) tasks for November will be replaced with a Beit Yatziv face-to-face course between 17-19 November if conditions allow it.

Pedagogical guides

Dr. Dafna Yitzhaki (Kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv University)

Structure and scope of the course

The course is a 60-hour course with a score, recognized for אופק חדש ועוז לתמורה, including workshops, lectures, collaboration and planning shared lessons.

Course requirements

In order to receive advanced training, participants must take an active part in all parts of the course: face to face, asynchronous, implementation of the shared learning and execution of a summary task.