Jewish Peoplehood: A Look at American Jewry

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  • English
  • Junior High and High School English teachers

  • 30.1.22
  • 30
הקורס סגור להרשמה

אודות הקורס/ About the Course:

Should we teach our students about the Jews in America? Is it relevant to their lives today?

How much do we, as teachers, know about American Jewry?

The course will try to present teachers with appropriate background material on American Jewry, its components and its ties to Israel and Judaism. It will guide them to answer these questions, for themselves and their students.

The course offers teachers different ways of presenting the material to their students in an attempt to expose the students to Jewish life in America from the Jews’ initial immigration until today, deepen their understanding and strengthen their ties to the Jews of the Diaspora.

As a result, the teachers will learn how to develop a project on this topic for the Oral Bagrut, or a mini-project in Junior High School classes, using the wealth of material that they will help to compile. They will then be able to help and guide their students.

מטרות הקורס/Goals of the Course:

To enable teachers to offer their students a new and interesting .topic for their English projects

To present teachers with various tools – and an explanation of how to use them themselves – to help the students research different parts of Jewish life in the United States and enable them to understand American Jews better.

To build bridges of understanding between Israeli youth and Jewish youth in the United States.

קהל היעד/Target Population:

Junior High and High School English teachers

High school English teachers – 4 and 5 point classes


מנחת הקורס/Course Facilitator:

Sandy Regev

היקף, מבנה ודרישות לגמול/Requirements for Gmul:

הקורס הינו בהיקף של 30 שעות, מוכר לאופק חדש ו/או עוז לתמורה (גמול עם ציון).

The course includes synchronous and a-synchronous meetings.

Teachers will fulfill various tasks (using clips, forums, podcasts, etc.) throughout the course and will work in pairs to prepare a creative task (not the entire project!)  on a topic of their choice for the students’ project. They will present it to the group and it will be part of a pool of resources for the use of the entire group of teachers.

מועד פתיחת הקורס/Starting Date:

Due to Corona, our first meeting will be online too and take us on a virtual tour of the ANU Museum of the Jewish People.