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  • 12/11/2019
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הקורס סגור להרשמה


Whether novice or experienced, teachers of English as a foreign language would all probably agree on the importance of continuously developing and establishing our own English proficiency beyond the scope of the EFL classroom. This course provides English teachers with the opportunity and the means to achieve this goal in a structured and deliberate learning environment. The course is geared towards teachers who are currently on the CEFR B2 level. By the end of the course participants are expected to reach at least the lower C1 level in speaking and writing. The course is primarily text-based with an emphasis on lexis – single and multi-word items – and grammatical patterns. Participants will have the opportunity to work on their language skills using challenging and interesting content vis-à-vis state of the art and motivating digital technology. In addition to enhancing language skills, participating teachers will be exposed to an array of language teaching methods, allowing them to reflect on their own teaching and think about how the methodology of this course can also enhance the learning experiences in their own classrooms.

Course Goals/מטרות הקורס

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

 demonstrate receptive and productive knowledge of lexical items and grammatical patterns at the B2 and lower C1 levels

 use such items and patterns in written and spoken production;

 reflect on the learning processes they have experienced throughout the course and how these can be applied in their EFL classes


English teachers currently at the B2 level (according to the CEFR

Course Structure/מבנה הקורס

 The course comprises 3 short synchronic sessions and 12 units of study.

 Units are text-based and target 15-20 lexical items and grammatical patterns.

 The targeted lexical items/grammatical patterns are practiced and developed throughout the unit.

4. Lexical proficiency will be assessed continually through automated means and a live teacher who provides feedback on speaking and writing performance.

Course Requirements/דרישות הקורס

 Entrance placement assessment – Applicants at the B1-B2 levels. Applicants at the C1 level will be invited to subsequent course/s in the following semester/year.

 Completion of all 12 units of study and all three synchronic sessions. In the event of absence from a synchronic session, the recording will be available with an accompanying assignment.

 End-of-course assessment – Participants are expected to reach at least the lower C1 level for spoken and written production. Participants reaching this level will be invited to subsequent course/s in the following semester/year.

Course Facilitators/מנחות הקורס

Dr. Tami Aviad–Levitzky Dr. Lindsey Shapiro-Steinberg

מפגש פתיחה

November 12th: Synchronic online meeting